Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a cheney is born.


[crickets chirp]

(but girl, what the hell is that helmet on your head? please tell me you have not been trading hairstyle tips with donald trump, because it sho' looks like it!)

update: and the shrill sound of wingnuttery pierces the sound of crickets chirping. but wait! as the thread progresses the shrill sound of wingnuttery is met with indignation and disgust... by other freepers. hope is not only on the way. it is here!

my favorite response so far:

Does it matter, if this child is in a loving and nurturing circumstance and is given every advantage possible?

What if this child were born into a standard male/female household and it was a negative one, as are many ,MANY
If the child in a traditional but abusive or wanting circumstance better off?
If you say yes, you and I both know that that is Bullshit.

Best to the little boy. Grow strong and tell everyone to kiss your ass.
and this is followed by:
Since I don't know them personally, I can only speak to their commitment of 16 years. It takes a strong relationship to last that long and I commend their devotion.
and that is followed by:
in response to:"Artificial insemination, sperm donors, egg donors, test tube babies, are all against nature."

Do you use antibiotics? Antihistamines? Aren't reading glasses against nature?
followed by...
Congratulations to Mary, Vice President and Mrs Cheney!

The Cheney's are a class act. Period.

To those who would choose this time to take potshots at the Cheney family in roder to promote their own world view, shame on you.

Now let the flaming begin. Like I care.

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