Monday, April 23, 2007

Yeah Yeah

yes, i know that i didn't post a link farm this weekend. i'm busy. i'll try to do it on wednesday night. next weekend, if i'm not buried under work, i'll add all the new additions to skippy's blogroll and start adding blogs from the BlogHer blogroll. emily2 has added a few items since i began the Great Blogroll Update. check out the arts/culture section. emily2 has impeccable stylistic tastes, so the sites she added are worth a visit or two. or ten.

oops. i'm supposed to be earning my paycheck. before i return to my grindstone, i'd like to report that i made yogurt yesterday. it was really cool.

1 comment:

emily2 said...

impeccable stylistic tastes? you are too kind. i think i just surf the internet way too much and take too many trips to the local magazine store.