Tuesday, April 10, 2007

overheard, 10:08am - starbucks, 53rd and lexington

little old asian american lady: [cheerfully, yet stern, to manager] you ran out of raw sugar! how is this possible?

manager: [with midwestern drawl] i'm sorry ma'am. we'll get more tomorrow.

little old asian american lady: every starbucks has raw sugar. i looked around, and there is none. how did this happen?

manager: we ran out.

little old asian american lady: [leans forward and starts rapping her hand on the counter] this is the united states of america! you're supposed to have too much of everything! how can you run out of raw sugar?

manager: ma'am i'm new here. i had no idea that y'all used so much raw sugar in new york city. from now on, i will make sure i order enough.

little old asian american lady: [starts applauding loudly] now that's the answer i want to hear!

[everyone else in the starbucks starts laughing, and some start applauding]

little old asian american lady walks off serenely with a devilish grin.

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