Wednesday, April 04, 2007

kosher for passover?

my girlfriend is going to a bar tomorrow, and she want to know what liquors she can drink. i googled around and saw that everything is off limits except kosher wine and possibly vodka distilled from potatoes (not grapes or grain).

so is chopin vodka okay?

if so, NIIIICE.

p.s. she's not sephardic, so potatoes are okay.

but can someone please confirm?

note: looks like chopin is normally kosher, and since it is distilled from 100% potatoes, i don't see a reason why an observer of the jewish faith can't drink the fabulous chopin this week. any other people want to weigh in?

update: hi drunks! i've noticed that two out of the last twenty referrers were google hits using the search term "chopin+kosher+passover." well, it's certainly better than manischewitz.


Seth Anderson said...

I just asked somebody who would know (grew up orthodox) - she said wine has to be blessed, and vodka maybe too, but in her experience, vodka (from potatoes) was consumed frequently.

emily2 said...

and someone just told me tequila was okay too, but to be safe, silver tequila not gold, because you don't know what's in the coloring.

chopin vodka and patron silver... NIIICE.

Eli Houchins said...

Um, blessed? Nothing that is kosher is "blessed". It's not holy water :) I think she was pulling your leg. (Currently is Orthodox)