Saturday, March 24, 2007

WFD Newsletter

greetings, my little munchkins. due to the recent uproar over the linking policies of high traffic blogs, i have decided to expand our blogroll and recategorize some of our existing links. some links were culled because the sites had not been updated in a long while or the owner of the blog had taken the site down.

i gathered some of the links from discussions about blogroll amnesty day at booman tribune and my left wing. the owners of these blogs indicated they wanted to do some link-swapping. the other links were taken from skippy's say hello posts. i am still working through that list.

i had some things to say about the whole flap, but i don't have time or energy to actually wade into the debacle. instead, i decided to do something constructive and expand the blogroll here. links between smaller blogs are at least as important as links from big blogs to smaller blogs. it's a great way to expand buzz for good posts that would ordinarily sink into oblivion.


Seth Anderson said...

excellent idea. I'm doing the same when I can. Thanks for the link, btw.

emily2 said...


jobsanger said...

Thanks for the link~ I will reciprocate as soon as I get a little time.

emily1 said...

thanks for the links. welcome to our blogroll.