Friday, February 16, 2007

The Social Contract Crumbles

funny how so many republicans and libertarians are all down with public education until after they've gotten theirs and their own children are grown:

A School District With Low Taxes and No Schools

Just to be clear, Patrick Flynn says he loves public education. He just does not like the idea of paying for it.

So when it came time last November for the expanding, unincorporated desert community of Troon to choose between joining a nearby school district, and paying higher property taxes to help finance it, or starting its own, Mr. Flynn led the movement that created the Christopher Verde School District.

Not that the Christopher Verde district will have any schools, teachers or, apparently, students.

The children of Troon will continue to attend nearby schools. And thanks to a loophole in Arizona law, the grown-ups of Troon will continue to avoid paying property taxes in those districts, which makes officials in the districts less than mirthful.

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i've got an idea. if anyone in Troon calls 911, they should be asked for a credit card number before services are delivered.

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emily2 said...

“The whole purpose of this was to avoid taxes on their million-dollar homes,” said State Senator Linda Gray, a Republican who has sponsored a bill to prevent the formation of a school district without schools. (Ms. Gray conceded that there was at least one Flynn supporter who had “a half-million-dollar home.”)

okay, when you've got legislators scrambling to write a bill to prevent the formation of school districts without schools, you know shit ain't right. well, no shit, sherlock! (and fatass had the audacity to get his picture taken too...)

ya know, this is one time where i would look the other way if the power of eminent domain were used. "we're sorry, mr. flynn, but we need to build a school, and your house is standing on our proposed grounds."

tee hee!