Friday, February 02, 2007

I am an ass.

But really, this guy is a colossal pretentious douchebag. The classism of limousine liberals (who have probably never spoken to an "impoverished minority") against those who somehow make it from "immigrant", "working class" or "middle class" status to "upper middle class" status runs deep. That article says it all.

Yes, I know he's ten years younger than me, but as the daughter of immigrant parents who did manage to achieve their idea of the American Dream, as gauche and disdainful as it seems to the author, I am of the opinion that the author deserves to be punched in the face. Sorry, dude, my parents were working too hard to avoid ending up impoverished minorities to learn about architecture and the "fine" tastes of New England preppies, so don't shit on them, ok? You can thank my dad for your cancer medication in the future by the way; I won't tell him you think he has no class.

(N.B. I am not advocating violence against the author, so don't REALLY punch him in the face, ok? KTHX.)

Sorry, but this shit just makes me angry.

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