Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Can't Think Of A Title. Laughing Too Hard.

commenter ahunt on valentine's day at pandagon:

Please Young’uns.

Vday is just an excuse to party and give gifties, and in my case, I got a pretty pony. Ya’ll make it out as some sort of political statement, and the truth is that for those of us who have been married forever, it is a fucking official date night.

Kids, you have to cut us elders some slack. Romance is a planned event when you get to our age. I’m sorry that not all of you are in romantic relationships, but goddamn, I’ve been riding the same stud for thirty years and absent an occasional reminder that romance is in order, the Better Half is oblivious.

I s’pose I could nag and whine.

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emily2 said...

*claps wildly*

hell, i'm not even married yet, and yesterday was "official date night." usually on weekdays i get home when the gf is already sleeping, and she leaves for work in the morning before i get up.

valentine's day forces us to recalibrate our schedules and guilts our bosses into letting us see each other.

whoever is politicizing valentine's day needs to find a honey, stat!