Sunday, January 28, 2007

i don't understand these people...

the freepers seem to hate giulani more than they hate hillary.

for this reason alone i'm almost tempted to register as a republican and check the "giuliani" box in a primary just to help him get on the republican ticket. almost. i can't envision anything more infuriating to these people than a giuliani v. hillary election. after reading through the comments, i almost feel that, had al quaeda not thought of it first, some of these folks would have considered creating a massive crater in manhattan themselves. they just hate new yorkers. HATE!

they really have it out for giuliani. they keep posting this picture of giuliani in drag and making the type of vicious, unhinged comments that make them sound not unlike a schizophrenic man on a subway platform warning passengers about UFOs. so, a guy is secure in his masculinity, dresses up in a costume, and now he's the anti-christ?

RUDY v. HILLARY 2008! that would be so excellent.

*rubs hands together and cackles*


emily0 said...

Holy sweet... that is the most HATEFUL site. ZOMG I had no idea how... PSYCHOTIC those people are.


emily2 said...

should i be bothered that i'm not that bothered by these people? their reality seems to be in an entirely different dimension, so i can't really see them as anything but odd curiosities at the least and mentally ill at the most. reading their comments is like watching a david lynch movie or observing patients in a psych ward.

emily2 said...

more on this topic. GO RUDY! GO RUDY!

subway series!!!!

p.s. the comment by the person who showed disdain towards giuliani for moving in with a gay couple and their shih-tzu cracked me up. shih-tzus ARE pretty ridiculous. but seriously, people, get a life.

you'd think that these folks would be drooling over the prospect of a tough-on-crime, tax-cutting, 9-11 leader. but no, they had to obsess over details like a shih-tzu. again, sometimes i feel like they're secretly happy it was manhattan that was attacked.