Monday, August 07, 2006

ah, the truth...

finally, a blog that dispels the myth of the legal profession being a sure-shot to financial security. it flushes that urban legend straight into the sewer. then it rolls up its sleeves, perches on the toilet seat, and dives right after said urban legend into the stinking underbelly of the legal profession and exposes the fetid truth about the lives of and opportunities available to the vast majority of today's law school graduates. you know, the ones who didn't make the cut at skadden or cravath. the everymen and everywomen of the legal profession entering an oversaturated workforce. the ones the new york times doesn't tell you about. the folks who didn't attend harvard, yale, or stanford law.

the lives of the bottom 90% of law school graduates.

bitter. negative. but very, very funny.

and of course, don't miss tom the temp's blog either.


Benjamin J. Cooper said...

You know, I don't even have a job yet, and I don't know what this guy's problem is. I love being a lawyer because I love the challenges the law provides. If money's your goal, go into sales.

emily2 said...
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emily2 said...

this guy is hysterical. sure, he may not share your zeal in the practice of law (and frankly, there aren't many who do), but his writing style is the type of frenetic, hyperbolic, satirical, over-the-top funny that i love.

imho, he's too creative and funny to be a lawyer. i hope his blog gets tons of visitors, and he makes tons of $$$ by inking a book deal.

i like being a lawyer, but i can appreciate this blogger's sense of humor.