Monday, July 18, 2005

Work-related Chit Chat

so, am i weirdo for wanting to avoid going away parties for co-workers i barely knew? is it normal office etiquette to attend them even in cases where interactions with the departing person were few and far between? i don't like standing around and doing office chit chat. i find that it makes me anxious to have these interactions. clearly, this means that i am not cut out for management, and i'm more than ok with that. but, it does force me to acknowledge that we introverts have the deck stacked against us with respect to the office environment.


emily2 said...

going to office parties = just as essential as going to work itself. and when you're there you have to be social and not just stare at your watch (which is what everyone is secretly doing).

frankly, it sucks balls, but ya gotta do it. hopefully the food is paid for. free liquor always helps as well! :D

emily2 said...

my irritation at office parties is that i like to keep work and pleasure separate. after work, i just want to go out with my friends and run my mouth as i please, not charm my co-workers. bleah, i guess i'll be doing much of this when i get a job.

law firm parties. *groan* the last thing i want to see after work is more lawyers!!!