Tuesday, July 19, 2005

since itunes won't start up...

yes, still having computer issues. the hard disk is back up, albeit creaking and petulant. itunes is "missing some file components - please reinstall," but i don't want to change anything on my hard drive in the next week - this means installing, uninstalling, whatever. so i'm listening to internet radio.

again, i recommend uplifting dance music while studying.

start here. we're at fire island already! [update 12:30am: holy crap, they just played "ligaya" by gouryella -- i never thought i'd hear that on the radio anywhere...]

and speaking of, bazima pontificates on the rules of visiting cherry grove. lemme weigh in. i differ in my opinion. basically, everyone is welcome; just don't stare or be a jackass. if you are a "tourist," just blend in and cut loose. bring your strollers and your kids - go ahead - bring your fat, skinny, gawky, fabulous, rich hampton, or po' ass motherfucker selves. just be respectful and have fun. that's all.

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