Sunday, July 04, 2004


so, i finally saw F911 last night. i can see why the right wing is terrified of michael moore in general and particularly of this movie.

it has flaws. however, it contains the most powerful collection of iraq war images i have ever seen. more so than the torture photos which had the disturbingly banal character of 'America's Funniest Home Videos.' the images in this movie are infinitely more shocking. there was some uproar over the R rating, but i agree with it now that i've seen the gruesome footage the movie contains.

michael moore is a master at confronting his viewers with scenes of anguish and grief. the right fears this movie because it shows the consequences of the war without flinching. they can't argue that lila lipscomb's pain isn't real and that her son didn't die because of the war. neither can they continue to spout the fiction that the collatoral damages were minimal. there is no such thing as 'minimal collatoral damage' in warfare. the phrase itself makes me want to puke rivers. when one neighborhoood with no connections to the insurgent militia has to hold five funerals for their collatorally damaged dead, you cannot possibly say that it was 'minimal' for them.

i don't really want to go into a long and thoughtful post about the movie. just go see it. even if you support the war, especially if you support the war, you should see this film. you need to see soldiers with their arms and legs blown off. you need to understand that there are terrified people running around that country, carrying limp, little children who have wet their pants in terror because of the situation we allowed to develop there. that is war is about. not freedom, not democracy, not any of those high-falutin' values. even 'good' wars bring countless tragedies to innocent people. like i said, there is no such thing as 'minimal collatoral damage.' it is precisely because of this that anyone who supports the iraq war should know exactly what the costs are. i have not one iota of respect for a war supporter who refuses to fully acknowledge and recognize the brutality it entails.

and now for my rant:

for you assholes who are angry that lila liscomb participated in this film, fuck you. fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you.

did i make myself clear?

............................FUCK YOU........................................

you assholes don't 'support the troops.' you don't get to decide whether their grief is 'appropriately' expressed or not. you don't get to decide whether they have the right to participate in this film. people who really support the troops don't hold the asinine and narcissistic attitude that it is the troops' and their families' responsibility to make you feel good about being in favor of the war. they have the right to question whether their sacrifice was worth something. they have the right to question whether this war was justified or handled correctly. after all, it's their asses on the line. those of you who got your panties in a wad over lila's incredibly honest and moving expression of her pain, grief and doubt need to pull your heads out of the fetid chambers of your asses. you don't support the troops if you expect them and their families to keep quiet about what they really think and feel. you aren't even patriotic.

so, again, go fuck yourself with a spiked dildo.

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Anonymous said...

Woo....hoo! I don't know who you are, but my God! What a great post! Such fearless honesty is rare. You're my new hero!