Friday, June 18, 2004


the new york times allows permanent links to their articles if you use a link from radio userland's new york times rss feeds. i don't know if the same holds true for other rss feeds. any links from the new york times website pass behind the archive barrier after the free access period has passed. you have to pay to view the article linked thereafter.

so, why doesn't someone write a nifty little piece of software to catalogue the rss links daily. they could be sorted and archived by date, section, and title. of course, i am sure that the moment someone creates this software, the new york times will simply end permanent free access for rss links.

i imagine that someone will write software that reads, archives, and organizes web content. it wouldn't be extraordinarily difficult to write a program that archives one's favorite newspapers daily by visting their rss links to read and record the articles. it would require local storage for the articles themselves, but storage space is dirt cheap.

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