Monday, May 31, 2004

We Are Fucked

that country of origin of most of the 911 hijackers is facing an increasingly serious stability problem. one of the militants involved in the attacks on employees of foreign oil companies said:

.... snip ....

At about the same time as the high-rise was being stormed, a man who claimed to be Abdul Aziz al-Moqrin, identified as the chief of al-Qa'ida in Saudi Arabia, claimed responsibility for the attack in a tape posted on the internet on a a website noted for militant Islamic comment. He identifies by nationality the foreigners who were killed, although he says it was an American whose body was dragged through the streets. Moqrin denounces the Saudi government for selling out to the US and providing "America with oil at the cheapest prices ... so that their economy does not collapse".
thanks to P Glass from tabletalk for the link.

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