Tuesday, April 19, 2005

مؤدب, علية و غنيمة

in the interest of more dune analysis, i have located a few other lovely sites what discuss them: here are analyses of the names of paul "muad'dib" atreides...

مؤدب [mu2adib, meccan arabic muwadib] The nickname that Paul chooses in the story is Muad'dib, and is said to be the name of the desert mouse who comes at night in the moon light. Although the English pronounciation of this word calls for a long "i", there is an almost exact word in Arabic like it (Mu'adib), which means "private tutor" or "teacher". It used to be that the Caliphs, the rulers of the Muslim world, would hire a Mu'adib to teach their children. The practice seemed to be common for other strata of society as well.
the desert mouse was spoken of in dune as an auspicious choice because it teaches the people of the desert.

here also i found the arabic forms of the names of his sister aliya...

علية Alia [3aliiyat] is the name of Paul's little sister. Alia was the name of one of the many queens of Jordan under King Hussein. The name is the feminine form of "High Above".
...and Ghanima...
غنيمة Ghanima ['3aniimat] [S]omething acquired in battle or single combat. Commonly, a memento of combat kept only to stir the memory. Ghanima in Arabic comes from the root GH-N-M, which means "to win", "to gain". Many Arabic proper names use this root, as in "Ghanem", "Ghannaam". If pronounced with a long "i" vowel, Ghanima could mean war booty.
in fact, her name is defined as "War Booty", so it clearly is the last form listed.

thanks, khalid

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