Tuesday, July 12, 2005


secret thought of the bushies: dammit, maybe making a reporter-source privilege isn't such a bad idea. d'oh...

old news, i know... but my hard disk died, taking along my entire itunes library with it. i managed to pull off all of my barbri notes before it finally expired, but the loss of my itunes collection is a sad thing indeed. i also lost the law revue show and photoshop/illustrator. and someone's copy of professional sony film editing software. double oops.

hey, hardware techies out there... i'd like to get those things off my disk. i am able to boot with the xp cd... is it possible to hook up a memory stick or hard disk to the USB drive and pull all that data out?

in the meantime, i have commandeered my gf's roommate's computer. nyah nyah!

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The Asshole President said...

The way I see it, the Plame affair is win-win for the Bush administration.

Basically, either "the liberal media" has to cover for Karl Rove to protect what it considers its most basic principles, or it has to let the government walk all over it in order to prosecute the Bush administration.

The only thing that would be more ironic is if Karl Rove's wrongdoing could only be proved by a subpeona of his records at the video store and public library.