Thursday, July 14, 2005

more panda farts

while we were being diverted from the real war on terror (ya know... the one starring osama, not that little despot in iraq) looking for phantom weapons of mess destruction, this particular country in asia has been making more and more unpleasant noises, like building up its military, with officials saying crap like this.

of course i'd like the government to deal with that little issue before it gets out of hand. but then again, i'm not sure i have any faith in this administration to handle foreign policy effectively in general. china is run by folks who can send the population into a nationalistic frenzy without too much effort (that's what you get when the government controls the media). and the entire population is like, well... you know... a lot. like roughly five times the size of our population.

enough with the middle east already, okay? send in your diplomats to china, pronto. and more often. and convince others to do it too.


Benjamin J. Cooper said...

This is not the first time a Chinese official has threatened the US with nuclear attack over Taiwan. They've done this regularly since at least the Clinton administration. Maybe before.

Basically, we ignore them because we have more nukes than the Chinese and they can't be at nuclear war with us and still sell stuff to Wal-Mart. China on Taiwan = US on Chinese Human Rights. We both talk a serious game, but nobody does anything so that the current apple cart doesn't get upset.

Also, there's only so much Bush can do - like Clinton before him, no matter what the President does on China, there's a bloc of Taiwan-centric Congressmen (including Tom Delay) who will sell arms to Taiwan, invite Taiwanese diplomats to meet with them, and basically hold up a middle finger to the Chinese in ways the President can't stop, because, you know, free speech and separation of powers, and ways the Chinese get all huffy about, because the government doesn't totally understand this "free speech and democracy" thing.

emily0 said...

i'm not taiwan-centric. i went to university for a bit in the PRC at BeiDa. and therefore i concur that the main strategy of the PRC is "hissy fit". they want to be right, every fucking time. they want drama in their lives: they can't fucking live without it, and so, when things get settled and peaceful, they do shit like conduct massive troop deployments and wargames like 12 miles off of the taiwanese coast.

the so-called "people's republic" needs attention. it's true. and the reason is that they're jealous of the middle east, because they're a fucking old-school drag queen who can't fucking stand that the entire world doesn't revolve around their drama.

emily2 said...

the drag queen analogy is brilliant. i think the same goes for north korea.

*sigh* yes, i know i tend to get emotional and overreact about this topic. i just think it's easier to handle smaller problems now than bigger problems later.