Tuesday, July 12, 2005

i am stoopeed, especially when half-asleep

i was writing to a friend about a picture she took. i am blogging it here because i managed to project the most amazing level of stupidity - the kind only legal without a certified politician's licence when talking to close friends. this is one of those moments when you reread what you wrote and think, hm, what i said was so amazingly stupid that, well, i'm going to write more and make it even more stupid. at least, that's what you think you must've bin thinking at the time - because it's the only explanation aside from martian brain-suckers that makes any sense.

note one
in other news, i just woke up from a dream in which my old roomie brian and i were listening to people speak what i believe was blackfoot. i can't speak blackfoot, but i recognised it as a member of the algic family and likely blackfoot given its phonological shape. or fox-sauk, maybe.

how's that for why no-one will sleep with me?

at this point, i apparently, in my still slumb'rous state, felt this bit was misleading. so i wrote a second note to clarify. i swear to god, i actually did.

note two
and by "sleep", i mean "hump".

i don't roll around or speake in toungs while actually sleeping. i'm a rather nice co-nappitator. at least, spanky the wondermuffin seems to settle into one single position for the evening, at least once i've gotten comfy by rolling over about seven times.

what the hell are they putting in the water?

further clarification: this explains the identity of spanky the wondermuffin - let's just say that she's a cat whose nickname directly refers to the german WWII antipersonnel weapon known as the Schrapnellmine 35. make a wrong move, and POW!

wow, another stupid comment. i'm really rackin' 'em up today innit.

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