Wednesday, July 13, 2005

how you know you are an honourary jew

i realised that i am an honourary jew when i read the following comment and understood it. without having to think about any of it.

I hate to say this but Elyashiv is a quack. A charlatan. He supposedly has vast knowlege in gemara and uses his influence to create restriction where its not necessary and eliminate restriction where it is.

He started the whole bugs in the water thing. He started the whole sheitel scam. As far as I’m concerned, that guys word on what to do is about as good as wearing a helmet when jumping off the Empire State Building. The way I see it, the more restrictions he makes he seems holier in the eyes of the Ultra Frum community and they think hes a scholar because he is so medakdek on everything he does. Bullshit.

Anyone who considers himself to be a talmid chacham and says that forcefeeding geese is not a violation of tzaar baalei chaim is full of it, and I’m pretty sure Elyashiv is just that. Full of it.

original commentary at jewlicious.

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