Sunday, November 07, 2004

quotes of the day

... all come from one website.

- look at their banner.

comments on this article:

- umar wrote, "what an ugly boob" ...
... to which keir replied, "now now, the white house pic isn't that ugly"

- antiiii noted the following lovely story:

i met tara reid. although we didn't know it was her at first, because we just kept saying, "wow, that dried up, burnt out, washed up broad over there sorta looks like tara reid." but then it WAS tara reid.

she had that smell too... the smell of beer skin

- but too old to care about peo really summed it up with this, though:
That is one scary titty. It looks animatronic and bloodless and sickly. There's no way you could rub that against anything and get good results.
that's about right, i think.

1 comment:

Keir said...

sorry for the gratuttous boob joke. It was irresistible.