Friday, May 14, 2004

die puny humans

[ die puny humans ] is currently experiencing fAST fICTION fRIDAY & Adi Tantimedh's story is my favourite so far.

I'm sorry it's come to this.

I'm sorry I showed you around the lab.

I'm sorry I let you see the alien spores we harvested.

I'm sorry you were so desperate you stole and swallowed some.

I'm sorry the only part of the report you paid attention to was 'aphrodesiac properties', and not 'sentient', 'parasitical', 'infectious'. You could've stuck to Spanish Fly, or Rohypnol if you were really desperate, you dick.

I'm sorry It happened on the Subway when you were making out with that girl.

I'm sorry the critters erupted from your testicles and your vitals at Time Square, spattering everyone in the station with your blood and giblets.

I'm sorry you're the Patient Zero in this Global Body Horror Apocalypse we have on our hands. Those ugly fuckers look like you, and I'm going to jail for this, dammit.

I'm sorry we'll be making vaccines from crunching your DNA. I've always wanted to win the Nobel Prize, but I didn't think you'd be the cause.

I'm sorry you're in pieces on this table, split up into varying sizes, and a lot of them in Ziplock baggies.

I'm sorry you can still hear me.

I'll autopsy you Monday, okay?

Mm, zombie stories. Yummy.

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